What We Do

Everyone’s financial needs change as the years pass. At Welby & Associates we provide flexible solutions that can be adjusted as your life moves on to its next stage. The financial lifestages section below points to the key events that may characterise the age ranges of our personal clients and their families and have a significant impact on current financial needs and future plans. If you see yourself at a crucial stage in your life, give us a call on 02892622910.

Age up to 30Age 30-40Age 40-50Age 50 +
• Children Born
• Starting school
• Away to university
• Starting work
• First home
• Getting married
• Changing job
• Starting a family
• Moving house
• Your own business
• Windfall
• Working overseas
• Redundancy
• Divorce
• Falling ill
• Time for the grandchildren
• Opportunities for travel
• Time for your own interests
• Scheduled or early retirement
• Falling ill
• Passing on an inheritance