Taxation & Estate Preservation

Taxation can be a complicated area of personal finance, so it can be easy to miss out on opportunities to reduce the amount of tax you pay if you don’t take tax advice. Your job, your savings and your personal circumstances will all have an impact on the amount of income tax you should pay each year, so it’s important to know what you do and don’t have to declare.

You should also make sure you understand how taxes like capital gains tax and inheritance tax could have an impact on you. Getting financial advice to help you plan ahead could help you to manage your finances in a more tax-efficient way.

Tax planning is best done with the help Welby & Associates. We will be able to help you plan your taxes in advance, and come up with effective strategies that will use the lawful reliefs and allowances to minimise the amount you have to pay. We will usually assess your financial situation, and look at your financial goals to help come up with a suitable strategy for you.

Estate preservation is all about making sure your wishes are followed, and minimising the amount of taxes due on your estate after you die. Putting your savings, investments, life policies or assets into a trust can play an important part in estate preservation which Welby & Associates can assist.