Professionals Partners

Achieve Better Outcomes for your Clients.

We strategically work with a select number of professional firms to deliver complementary advice and services. By working in genuine partnership we are able to offer clients a complete solution – bringing perspective and clarity, then arranging their affairs to give them the best opportunity for achieving their goals.

Welby & Associates provide a full suite of advice services for private clients, businesses & trustees. We have extensive expertise, spanning all areas of financial planning.

Achieve better outcomes for your clients

Specific areas where we can support you to achieve quantifiable benefits for your clients include:

  • Comprehensive Trust review service
  • Investment advice and management for personal injury settlements
  • Legacy advice with particular focus on inheritance tax
  • Pension sharing upon divorce
  • Investment advice for probate cases
  • Advice upon business sale
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Investment of lump sums from employment tribunal awards
  • Retirement Planning
  • Scheme establishment and ongoing management for corporate pensions

We work very differently from the majority of financial advisers, and have a range of core services aimed at typical clients of professionals such as accountants, solicitors and business coaches. We can work closely together with you, even in joint meetings to reinforce your professionalism, and to maintain your client relationships. Our services are built around Financial Planning and Investment Management – our key specialisms. Clients typically come to us because they want security in their life, they want control over their future and they want to avoid costly mistakes. What we offer you High level of qualifications and experience clear client service standards based around repeatable processes.