Financial Planning for Individuals

This service is designed to develop, implement and manage a strategic financial plan to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Initially, we will prepare a highly personalised plan which clearly documents your personal and financial situation along with your aims and objectives. The report will identify the likelihood of your current financial arrangements achieving your objectives and aspirations, highlighting any areas that should be addressed.

We will then undertake detailed analysis to establish the suitability of all your financial arrangements, considering your objectives and current circumstances. This typically includes pensions, investments, business and property assets as well as insurance products and liabilities.

We will undertake research to identify the most appropriate arrangements and strategies that need to be considered to achieve your desired goals. We will also give, where appropriate, legal and taxation guidance, sourcing qualified professionals as required.

We will prepare a report detailing our recommendations which will be used as the ‘road map’ for your financial future.

The financial ‘road map’ will be reviewed on a regular basis. We will review the performance and suitability of our recommendations to ensure these continue to achieve the desired objectives and keep you informed of the progress against your financial ‘road map’.

We will contact you outside of any structured reviews to notify you of any significant issues that could affect your financial planning or the success of the recommendations in achieving the desired objectives.