Business Owners

Appointing Welby & Associates to will give you the peace of mind that you have unlimited access to our expertise and experience.

Employee Benefits

Our wealth of technical Knowledge in all types of insurance cover available and our expertise in a wide range of industries enable us to deliver the best possible policy covers for the most competitive premiums.

Being part of a successful company means overcoming constant challenges. When things go well, thanks to the skills and efforts of you and your fellow directors or partners, it can be very rewarding. But if something goes wrong, which could well be for reasons outside of your control, your family’s financial security and that of your partners could be at risk.

Pension advice

Are you a business owner, company director or trustee with responsibility for providing a pension? Do you understand your pension obligations and if your existing scheme is right for your business? Given the shifting investment landscape, changes in pension laws and enhanced legislative duties, effective pension planning is now more important than ever especially with the introduction of auto enrolment.

The penalties for not complying with the auto enrolment rules are extremely high, so making sure you are ready for the changes is of up-most importance.

Every employer, large and small, will have to participate. It will mean that hundreds of thousands of small firms that currently do not offer or pay into a pension scheme will have to begin making payments.Our pension advice and management service cuts through the confusion. We take time to understand your needs and recommend an appropriate pension solution. We also help to launch the scheme to your employees and provide on-going support.

Protecting your business loans and financial liabilities

Protecting your profits – If a key member of staff or co-director dies or falls critically ill and was off work for an extended period of time, how would this affect your company’s ability to trade profitably now and in the future? The loss of a key person could cause far reaching problems for a business.

Loss of relationships – People like to deal with people they know and losing a key person can mean losing customers to your competitors and may lead to lower profits.

Loss of professional expertise – Specialist skills and experience of your business can be difficult to replace and their loss could seriously affect your competitiveness.

Cost of recruitment – Competitive job markets mean finding and training a replacement can be expensive and time consuming.