Thinking Of Retirement

Lynn was recently made redundant. She decided to take on a number of freelance projects, although She wasn’t confident in the amount of work she could secure on an on-going basis. At 65 years’ old she wanted to explore if retirement was a viable option. Could Lynn and her husband live comfortably on the pensions accrued throughout working life, without having to rely on my future earnings?

Not only did we need to confirm if Lynn would have sufficient income to fund her lifestyle – and the best way to structure her affairs to achieve this – but we also wanted make sure her husband would be looked after should anything happen to her. We took time to understand Lynn’s current situation, her concerns for the future and the retirement lifestyle she aspired to.

We completed all of the required paperwork and provided the information they required to set to work. Due to health issues, we advised that Lynn might be able to secure an improved annuity rate. We agreed hat this was worth investigation and submitted these forms as well. Initially Lynn felt her husband didn’t need to be involved, as it was her pension being discussed. After we spoke she quickly realised the importance of him being included in the meetings, so he would be involved and see the implications of our decisions.

This was invaluable in providing perspective, helping them to visualise just how they could live in retirement – without needing to rely on future earnings. They realised, through working with Welby & Associates, they could start enjoying retirement today. We helped them to achieve this by structuring their affairs to provide the income they need to fund their lifestyle.

As our clients typically demand the utmost confidentiality the information in this case study is not based on any individual and acts only as an example of how we could potentially help.