Family Member Needing Residential Care

Our mother was moved into residential care due to losing the ability to live independently and we had heard about Welby & Associates through a friend of ours who recommended that we should speak to Glenn Welby who they had being dealing with for around 10 years.

After an initial telephone discussion we agreed to meet Glenn at The House Of Vic Ryn and he took time to understand our mother’s needs and explained the options that she should consider in meeting her care fees. We were concerned that the money that our mother had, would run out and our mother had decided that her property would have to be sold to pay for his care. As we had a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place we were able to assist our mother and the property was in the process of being sold when we met Glenn.

Glenn reviewed the LPA and provided an overview of our mother’s entitlement to financial support. Due to her low income Glenn pointed out that a temporary claim for 12 weeks would be available because of the level of savings that he held. This information was most helpful and we agreed to engage Glenn to provide advice.

A report followed that set out the options and the likely outcomes for our mother’s future cashflow including the value of her assets given the cost of her care, with consideration to ‘inflation’. This was extremely useful in helping us understand the options and we agreed to receive Glenn’s recommendations in light of the reports findings.

Following Glenn’s advice and recommendations we arranged a Care Plan and had money left over to retain for any significant change in our mothers circumstances. We have put this money aside and again with Glenn’s help managed to invest some of it in a cautious way.

The benefit to our mother is that she knows she is secure in the care home that she lives in for the rest of her life. This gives her peace of mind and provides the same to the rest of his family.
Since our Father’s experience, we have introduced our cousin to Glenn as their parents have also both moved into a care home.

As our clients typically demand the utmost confidentiality the information in this case study is not based on any individual and acts only as an example of how we could potentially help.